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About Us

About Us

Since 1989 we are serving construction industry through Manufacturing of Quality Wire Cut Chamber burnt Red Clay Bricks at the Brand TVS BRICKS.We are also distributors of CELL O CON AAC  Blocks & CELL O CON Light Weight Block Mortar, BRANDED : CELL O CON.

About Red Clay Bricks
An Evolution:

  • Hand Moulds and burnt in country kilns.
  • Table Mould and burnt in movable chimney bull trench kiln.
  • Wire cut brick and stable chimney bull trench kiln.


Our Manufacturing facilities:

  • Wire Cutting Machine with Crusher & Conveyer .
  • Stable Chimney Bull Trench Kiln with Chimney of 40 meters.
  • Our Capacity : Around 30,000 Bricks per Day.
  • In current Market the commonly available size of the Red Brick is 8.75” x 4” x 2.75”


Our Product Standards:

  • We adhere to the IS standards of 225mm x 110mm x 75mm or 9” x 4.25” x 3”
  • Wire Cut & Chamber Burnt Brick.
  • With a Compression Strength of 6.12 N / mm2
  • Average Water Absorption of 10.82 %
  • No efflorescence.


Speciality of our Bricks:

  • Running the Machine at an Ideal Speed.
  • Checking the Machine Spares on a daily basis and changing the spares such as Rollers & Crushers which account to the Quality of the brick periodically.
  • Checking of the raw Material in every batch to ensure the consistency.
  • Testing the Bricks for Compression Strength & Water Absorption every six months.